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Have you always felt like you have a destiny to fulfill? Do you have any idea what your destiny is? We all want our daily lives to have meaning. And what do we do all day? We go to work. This reading is a great way to begin the process of aligning your daily job with your true destiny.

The Work and Career Tarot Reading gives an in-depth look at your work situation and career prospects. Get your dream job or find your true calling. A choice or decision involving your work or career is calling for your attention. You know something needs to change with your life's work. What is your career destiny? Get started now. Make it happen. You do have a choice in the destiny you create.

Is your job your life's work? Where is your current career headed? What work do you want to do? What role will communications and finances play? This work and career reading helps you make new choices on your career path.

  • goddess flight Pinpoint troubles and anxieties
  • goddess flight Prepare for new beginnings, successes and surprises
  • goddess flight Focus on your current career and find out what your future work looks like

This multi-faceted destiny tarot reading lays it all out. This career reading covers: What you want; Your experience so far; What is coming; Issues and papers; Items regarding communications; Issues involving finances; Things that may cause trouble or anxiety; What may cause disappointments; Beginning a new undertaking; How you will feel over time; What will be the greatest success; What may come "out of the blue"; The outcome and summation.

Clients Say:

"Wow the reading was so good!! I've been trying to change and make things happen.. Thank you so much..I'll be back..Thanks so much!"

"FABULOUS reading! Thank you so much! Fast, professional and accurate. One of the best online readings I have had."

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Tarot Readings are powerful tools of prediction and insight. If you are seeking answers, a tarot reading will light the way. Give yourself the gift of a tarot reading done by an experienced tarot card reader. This is the best way to get an objective reading on any situation in your life.

11 Powerful Tarot Layouts

You also get to choose from 11 card layouts. Each layout is customized to fit the most common questions people ask. Choose the layout that is right for your tarot reading.

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How to Make the Most of Your Online Tarot Reading

tarot cards Save a copy of your online reading. If you can go back and review a past reading, it really helps you get the most out of it.

tarro Don't test the reader by asking pretend questions or giving false information. Playing games like this only clouds your reading with confusion and distrust. A free flow of open honest communication allows a good reading to happen.

psychic tarot Be polite. You asked for this person's feedback. You may not always hear what you want to hear.

tarot goddess Remember that the reader is there to help you. The more clear and honest you are in what you want to know, the better the reader will be able to address your concerns.

Online Tarot Reader and Tarot Psychic

Goddess Flight is run by only one online tarot reader and tarot psychic -- VisionSeer. At other sites, you never know who your psychic reader will be. In fact, you do not know if a real person will even do your reading. Your online tarot reader may not be a tarot psychic at all; it may be a database that generates your reading. If you want an authentic and professinal online tarot reader, and a tarot psychic with decades of experience as a reader and tons of recommendations, get your online reading at Goddess Flight!

Free Tarot Readings

Goddess Flight is all about being positive. There are a lot of great online tarot reader sites out there. The key is to decide what you want and what you are willing to pay. For most of us, we want as much as we can get for as little cash as possible. Some of us will choose the psychic sites that have free or almost free tarot readings. I've done it, too! Free readings are fun.

Just remember: You get what you pay for. It's an energy exchange. A site that has free or almost free tarot readings is not doing everyone a favor. They have found a way to profit and lose nothing by giving you free tarot readings. Trust me. See this chart for a break down of some of the most popular free reading sites out there and what you get for free. See what Goddess Flight offers free.

Which Online Tarot Reader is Best for You?

There are so many tarot readers out there, how do you know which one is a good match for you? The following steps can lead you to just the right tarot reader.

daily tarot Get a personal referral from friends, family, or someone you trust. Word of mouth is a great referral system.

email tarot Learn the background of the tarot reader. Find out how long he or she has been giving readings. You can learn a lot about a professional by their work history.

free tarot Ask what the tarot reader specializes in. Each card reader has unique talents and skills. Be sure you work with a reader who gives the kind of reading you want at that moment.

online readings Trust your intuition. Don't let any impatience or desperation pressure you into getting a reading with someone you don't feel right about.

celtic cross Look for client testimonials. What is it that others like about this particular tarot reader? If a reader has 5 poor comments out of 30, these are good ratings! No one is 100% perfect.