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Goddess Oracle Card Reading

Goddess Oracle Card Readings

Understand Your Present and Transform Your Future

There is great potential for healing and wholeness through the Goddess. Goddess Oracle Card Readings are one way to access this divine feminine wisdom in your life.

7 Powerful Goddess Reading Spreads

All Goddess Readings can be done for both men and women. The Goddess does not discriminate. Each layout is tailored for specific types of issues. Be sure you choose the right type of card layout for what you need to know at this time. Each layout below has been blessed and charged to give it power and accuracy.

1 Card Oracle

Ask a question and open your heart. The 1 Card Oracle reading gives focused information on your focused question. You can also use the 1 Card Oracle Goddess Reading to get a Goddess card that will guide you through your sacred day. Order now for $14.95.

Psychic 7 Personal Potential

The number 7 is mystical and magical. Use this power to explore the potential you hold within. The Psychic 7 Goddess Reading explores: your soul; what your heart desires; your strengths; your lessons; what you show to the world; where your energy goes; what you really need and where you are going. Order now for $37.77

Relationship Wisdom

The Relationship Wisdom Reading helps you understand any type of relationship on a deeper level. 10 cards reveal: your state at this time; your hopes; your fears; how you feel about the other person; the other person's state at this time; their hopes; their fears; how they feel about you; hidden aspects of the relationship; and guidance advice. Order now for $44.95

Sacred Feminine Healing

This 3 card healing Reading focuses exclusively on three sides of you: your inner Wise Woman; your sexuality; and your emotional body. What nourishment does each aspect of your Self need? Come into harmony with your Feminine Self. Order now for $29.95

Situation Suggests

We all find ourselves in important situations we hope to navigate correctly. The goal is to choose the highest good and stay on the life path we want to create. This 4 card Situation Suggests Goddess Reading is a focused analysis of any one situation you are dealing with. You will learn: what needs to be focused on; what is creating the situation; what can be actively done; what needs to be experienced. Order now for $24.95

Goddess Guardians

Goddess Guardians protect, teach, heal, support, guide, and bless us. Who are your Goddess Guardians? The 5 card Goddess Guardians Reading connects you with your 5 Goddess guides. Aligned with the 5 elements, this reading reveals: your Spirit Goddess, Air Goddess, Fire Goddess, Water Goddess, and your Earth Goddess. Each Goddess Guardian influences your life in specific areas and ways. Connecting with your Goddess Guardians allows you to create a more sacred and empowered life. Order now for $32.95

Predictions and Visions

Glimpse into your future with the Predictions and Visions Reading. The 5 card guidance reading gives you insight today, so you can change your future course or make the most of what is to come. I do very few psychic prediction readings, but this amazing layout has proven powerful time and again. Look into your recent past, the present, the unexpected coming your way, the near future, and the further future. Order now for $32.95

Personal, Professional, and Sacred

I conduct all readings in a sacred space. Each card is hand picked from my own Spirit blessed and magically charged deck. Once the reading is complete, I then transfer it to a file that can be sent electronically by email to you.

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