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The Major Goddesses Pantheon

Major Goddesses Pantheon

Celebrate the Divine Feminine Within

The Goddess has been honored for centuries in all religions and spiritual traditions around the world. She represents the divine feminine in all of us. Exploring the many faces of the Goddess has helped thousands of people connect with a deeper part of themselves left ignored in mostly patriarchal cultures.

While there are thousands of Goddesses, below are a few of the most popular Goddesses and what gifts they bestow upon us.


Amaterasu is the Japanese Shinto Sun Goddess. She is beautiful and compassionate. She created the world and illuminates and fertilizes it. She shows us hope and potential. Amaterasu brings your inner beauty to light


Aphrodite is the Goddess of romantic love. Aphrodite is sensual, beautiful & always is noticed when she appears. Aphrodite is born of the sea. Goddess Aphrodite connects you with your inner sensuality at anytime. Honor Aphrodite when you are blessed with romantic passion & love.


Arachne was gifted in the art of weaving. So much so she thought she was better than the Goddess Athena who gave her this gift. Arachne teaches us how to stand up to authority with a true sense of confidence, not ego.


Arianrhod (ah-ree-AHN-rhohd) is the Celtic Moon-Mother and Welsh Star Goddess. She brings comfort, solace and healing to Her children. She symbolizes death, renewal, reincarnation, past lives and wisdom. She offers gifts of beauty and fertility.


Artemis is the Goddess of light and a Huntress. She is independent, beautiful and wild. She teaches leadership and focus. Artemis blesses you with strength, courage and help reaching goals


Atalanta is the Goddess of independence, competitiveness and physical skill. She is a warrior and a huntress. Call on Atalanta for adventure, even-temperedness and self-assurance


Athena is the Greek Goddess of intellect. She is wise, independent, even-tempered and logical. She brings you the inner fortitude you need to maintain your sense of self in all relationships. Call on Athena to achieve any goal.

Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga the Wild Woman is a birth and death Goddess, controlling the cycles of life. Baba Yaga helps us all get in touch with that which is basic, wild and natural within in our hearts and souls. Embrace Her to let loose your instinct and wild spirit.


Bast is the Egyptian Goddess of pleasure. She teaches you to enjoy life, relax and recharge energy. A cat Goddess, Bast also helps you remain independent, express yourself freely, and to accept what is


Brigid is a Goddess of inspiration. She brings us peace, inspiration, and wisdom. Call on Brigid when you need a healing muse. Honor Her when creativity comes through you.

Changing Woman

Changing Woman is self-renewing. She comes to us to teach us to honor all natural cycles within and around us. Call on changing woman for support in following your own unique path and process


Demeter is a loving and nurturing Goddess. She represents all women and their ability to love and nurture, especially for children. She helps you stand firm for what is true and right. Demeter guides us through the seasons of our lives. Call on Demeter for strength when facing adversity.


Freya is the Goddess of love and beauty. She is sensuality. She is a Seer and Goddess of divination. Call of Freya for love, insight and to keep your life in alignment with your spiritual self


Gaia is Mother Earth. All things come from Her. She arose from chaos & void and was populated with the mountains, seas, flora, & fauna. She brings forth all life and creation. She creates life out of nothing. From Gaia, and with Gaia, we nurture & blossom our dreams.


Hecate is a triple Goddess (Maiden, Mother & Crone). She is a Moon Goddess and the goddess of witchcraft. Hecate teaches us the importance of change and helps us through transitions. Call on Her for vision and guidance along your personal path.


Hera, the most beautiful Goddess, is the Goddess of women and marriage. She represents renewal and fertility. She is the guardian of all unions between two people. Call on Hera for new beginning and possibilities. She will invoke love in your life.


The Goddess Hestia is gentle, forgiving, serene, dignified, welcoming, and well-centered. The Goddess Hestia gives you security, comfort and helps you accept the truths of your life with grace. Call on Hestia's sacred flame to warm and center your own life.


Isis is a mother of all goddesses. She is the Goddess of birth, death and rebirth. Her love never dies. She shows us the ways of creation and destruction. Call on Isis as a midwife, teacher, physician and friend.

Ix Chel

Ix Chel is a Mayan creativity Goddess. She brings fertility and healing into our lives. Call on Ix Chel when your creativity is blocked


Kuan-Yin is a Goddess of peace and mercy. She teaches us compassion and kindness. Kuan-Yin grants generosity and banishes fear and hardship. Kuan-Yin is love


Maat is the Egyptian goddess of truth, justice, order, righteousness and balance. Maat teaches you to know yourself, be truthful, have values of life, the arts, sciences, culture, education, personal development, and to be a seeker of knowledge.


Nut is the Egyptian Goddess of the Sky and Heavens. She is a limitless Goddess that reflects the eternity of the universe. She is a bridge to the unconscious and removes all barriers. She is also known as Mother Night and represents the moon, the feminine and emotions.


Goddess Ostara brings growth and rebirth. She holds the promise of new beginnings. She is a Spring Maiden and a harbinger of the Sun. Let Ostara in to promote your own growth and wholeness


Psyche is the Greek Goddess of the soul. She supports you in self-discovery and personal growth. Psyche shows you the way to integrate all of your experiences into your being and transform them into positive change.


Selene, also called Luna, is the radiant Moon Goddess. Her moonlight brings us love, romance, poetry and inspiration. Call on her for peace, beauty, rest and healing. Her soft light shines on us always.


Sophia is the Goddess of Wisdom. She helps us connect with our own inner wisdom and knowing. She blesses us with introspection that gives us clear guidance to our true self. Accept your inner Sophia. Her wisdom is your beauty.


Tara is the Goddess of Inner Wisdom. She is a faithful protectoress. Through Tara we find our center and stillness. Tara offers strength, compassion and self-mastery through understanding. Tara is the Goddess of mysticism.


Yemaya is Goddess of the Ocean. She is a mother Goddess of home, family, love & fertility. She teaches us about both change and constancy. The ocean both nurtures and destroys. Yemaya can help you through life in this way.

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