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Looking for answers? What to learn something interesting and new? Stay in touch with the latest news in divination, self help, spiritual growth, alternative health, and more. Below is a collection of articles you just might find helpful and inspiring. Enjoy! They are our free gift to you. No registration required.

Highly Sensitive People - Traits and Characteristics

One in every twenty people is considered to be a highly sensitive person (HSP). This means that either you yourself may be sensitive or someone you know is. Let's discuss some of the traits and characteristics of HSP's, as well as the myths and facts surrounding these so-called "problems."

Connecting With Your Higher Self

Are you stuck in your ego, suffering from the pain that being stuck causes? Learn how to access your higher self and the incredible wisdom and joy that is available to you.

Living Life in the Divine Flow

Whether you are aware of it or not, there is a divine flow in your life that is continually guiding you toward the effortless fulfillment of your heart's desires. The trick is learning how to recognize and cooperate with that flow!t

The Magic of Intuition

Intuition is a wonderful ability we all are gifted with as human beings. It is often called our Inner Guide, since it secretly reveals to us what we should do or pay attention to in many important situations. Intuition has nothing to do with our rational thinking, it does, in fact, replace it or complement it, since it works much more precisely, quicker and in tandem with reality...

Secret of Prosperity - 7 Relevant Steps to the Prosperity Secret

Are you looking for a simple secret of prosperity that will solve all your problems and allow you to accept Wealth and Riches into your life? The Secret of Prosperity is in Dynamic Comprehension of the Law of Attraction and Rules of the Universe.

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