Types of Psychic Attacks


by Jeffry Palmer

There are three basic types of psychic attacks to contend with. The basic every day negative comment variety; the malicious and hurtful intentions variety and the full on hex, curse or continuous ill-wishing variety.

Common Negativity

The first of these psychic attack varieties, the negative comment type is indeed the most prevalent and are relatively easy to combat. But they should not be taken lightly. Many a healthy and highly developed spirit has succumbed to the cumulative effects of repeated exposure to common negativity. Following are some examples of common negative comment attacks.

"Another day, nothing ever changes"
"The world is a nightmare"
"This job is horrible"
"The weather is terrible"
"My life sucks"
"Those lousy neighbors are a bunch of idiots"

And so on, there's no end to the list of negative comments that we may be exposed to every day. At first it may seem that comments like this are rather harmless, but is important to remember that all thought creates energy, it is this energy which effects us,perhpas more than the content of the original message. It's also important to note that many times these types of attacks are not directed at any one person in particular, rather they are just put out into the universe and we happen to be exposed to them.

Be on guard against these seemingly innocuous comments, they have a tendency to creep into our spiritual minds without us ever being aware and over time they can pollute our life energy. When a negative comment crosses your path, imagine a white light surrounding it. Imagine that the negative comment is like a moth flitting around in the air, darting around in circles. The energy of your spirit is capable of nullifying the effects of negative comments. Simply imagine the light of your spiritual energy surrounding these negativity "moths", effectively trapping them before they have a chance to chew through the fabric of your spiritual clothing.

Awareness and vigilance are the keys to blocking the effects of these sorts of negative energy bombardments. Listen carefully to the babble going on around you. Most of the time our awareness of negative comments functions in auto-pilot mode; our mind is constantly filtering information. We absorb a great deal of negativity without ever being fully aware of it. Be alert, and zap these pesky thought insects.

Directed Negative Energy

The second most common type of psychic attack, the malicious and intentionally hurtful variety is different from the random negative comments; these attacks are directed specifically at you. They are designed to cause damage to your spirit; they are designed to instill anger, sadness and misery.

These types of psychic attacks can come from any number of sources but most often they are the result of failed relationships or jealous acquaintances. To use the judo analogy once again, attacks of this nature can best be thought of as, hand to hand combat. When under psychic attack, or rather when large amounts of negative thought energy are being directed at us our life energy form usually absorbs the attack just as it would any other energy that it comes into contact with.

The spiritual form does not discriminate among types of energy it merely interacts or reacts to whatever energy it comes into contact with. A negative energy attack manifests itself in the physical and mental self as depression, withdrawal, headache, stomach upset and an assortment of other ailments. As always, a strong and healthy spiritual energy is the best defense against any type of spiritual assault.

Unfortunately, most of the time we are unable to distance ourselves from the source of spiritual attacks long enough to allow our natural life energies time to rejuvenate. In these cases perhaps the most practical and effective means of psychic protection is the creation of what can best be described spiritual shielding.

The Energy of Evil

The third most common form of psychic attack is the hex or curse. These forms of attack consist of universal energy which has been manipulated to cause harm, energy which has been gathered and collected to form what can be considered a negative energy wave. This type of attack is ongoing or perpetual, unlike other forms of psychic assault, which rely on a symbiotic relationship with other energy forms in order to exist, these attacks are self sustaining and powered by a different source than most of the common fear-based negative attacks. Destruction of the spirit is the goal of the curse or continual negative energy wave.

This type of energy is known by many names in many cultures but is most commonly known and referred to as "evil". As already stated, the energy of evil does not require the fuel of other negative thought forms. Instead, it seeks to feed on the energy of the spiritual self directly. It seeks to consume the entire field of the aura and replace it with a mirror image of itself.

Those who wish to harm us are sometimes able to combine the emotional energies of any manner of destructive intentions in order to manifest the soul devouring energy of evil. If the manifested energy is not able to cause damage at first strike it will continue to attack until it finds a weakness in your spirit to exploit. Although this form of negative energy is the most destructive of the three common varieties of negativity it is by no means all powerful and consuming.

Jeffry R. Palmer is the well known author of several books dealing with the subjects of metaphysics, paranormal phenomena and psychic development. His articles and columns have been featured in several popular international magazines. His accurate and detailed psychic predictions, including Hurricane Katrina and the Indonesian tsunami have captured the attention of an international audience.

Personal psychic readings by Mr. Palmer are available through the the-psychic-detective.com web site. These psychic readings are kept in strict confidence, cover all aspects of life, are extremely accurate and detailed and are very simple to purchase. Mr. Palmer even offers a 100% money back guarantee to clients if they aren't completely satisfied with their readings. the-psychic-detective.com/Psychic-Readings.htm

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jeffry_Palmer

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