Secret of Prosperity - 7 Relevant Steps to the Prosperity Secret


by Jan Verhoeff

Are you looking for a simple secret of prosperity that will solve all your problems and allow you to accept Wealth and Riches into your life? The Secret of Prosperity is in Dynamic Comprehension of the Law of Attraction and Rules of the Universe.

Secret of Prosperity Relevant Step #1:

Whatever you say comes back to you ten fold. What you breath out of your mouth will most definitely come back to haunt you. Speak good words that sooth, uplift, and encourage others, for without those the universe becomes dank and undesirable.

The Secret of Prosperity is to Speak Good All the Days of Your Life.

Secret of Prosperity Relevant Step #2:

Whatever you give away will be returned to you many times. Be generous with what you have and give from a source of abundance, understanding the value of giving of yourself freely, because what you give away will be returned to you.

The Secret of Prosperity is to GIVE Generously to Others.

Secret of Prosperity Relevant Step #3:

Be grateful for all that you have. Whenever you receive something, be grateful, appreciate the people who give of themselves for your benefit. A spirit of gratefulness is essential to accepting your own prosperity and abundance.

The Secret of Prosperity is to appreciate all that you receive.

Secret of Prosperity Relevant Step #4:

Learn the value of forgiveness in your life. Whether you need to forgive others or yourself, you need to understand the value of forgiving. The purpose of forgiveness seldom touches others so much as it frees you to love and be loved.

The Secret of Prosperity is to forgive yourself and others.

Secret of Prosperity Relevant Step #5:

Remove negativity from your life. When you remove complaints and negatives from your life, you open up the world of love and positive balance into your life. You can’t accept the gift of love if your pantries are full of hatred. Simple remove the negatives from your life to make room for the positives.

The Secret of Prosperity is to Make Space for Love in Your Life.

Secret of Prosperity Relevant Step #6:

Enthusiasm breeds energy and enthusiasm. When you behave in a manner that draws enthusiastic people to your life, more enthusiasm and energy comes to you. Share your enthusiastic energy with the world and it will come flooding back to you.

The Secret of Prosperity is to emanate energy and enthusiasm for life.

Secret of Prosperity Relevant Step # 7:

Write it down and repeat it frequently. Your goals and desires should be written down, but so should your achievements. Accept credit for what you’ve accomplished and achieved. You’ve earned the right to be proud of who you are and what you do.

The Secret of Prosperity is to Write It Down.

It’s important that you understand that God is bigger than the Universe, He created it. He holds all things in the palm of his hand.

Are you ready to accept Abundance into your life?

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© 2008 - Jan Verhoeff

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