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Beyond Reiki

Simple system to put your goals into your life experience.

Crystal-Healing the Chakras: A Practical Guide

Who among us really understands the chakras? For all that we know about these seven spinal energy points, much is still undiscovered. This article includes a description of each chakra and the appropriate crystal needed to heal it.

An Introduction to Bach Flower Essences

Bach Flower Essences are becoming recognized for their ability to shift one's emotional states for improved outlook and balance. The essences work on an 'etheric' level - affecting one's energetic, rather than biologic, being. Dr. Edward Bach, developer of Flower Essence Therapy, categorized 12 of his original 38 essences as the 'Twelve Healers'. These essences are though to assist transformation of deeply rooted patterns in what he defined as the twelve architypal human personalities.

What is a Soul Retrieval?

Sometimes it feels like a part of you is lost. You may experience sadness, grief, inconsistencies in your thoughts and emotions, and even anger. Feeling this loss, you may wish to seek some unusual assistance. A soul retrieval may be just what you need.

A Beginner's Guide to Popular Yoga Types

Here's a quick guide to all those confusing yoga types you see on your gym's class schedule or your favorite exercise video shelf.

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